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Elevate your child's playtime with this delightful rug featuring vibrant patterns of sports. Crafted from luxurious, soft sheepskin, this rug not only adds a touch of sporting excitement to any room but also provides a cozy, tactile experience for little ones. Whether it's playtime or downtime, our sports-themed rug is the perfect addition to any sports-loving family's home. Get ready to score big on style and comfort with Bowron sheepskin!

  • WOOLMARK® certified genuine sheepskin
  • Ethically sourced from New Zealand and Australia
  • Hand-selected for superior texture and quality
  • Expertly cut and stitched sheepskin patches into precise shapes
  • Proper care ensures years of enduring elegance


100% Sheepskin


Round | Dim 32" (81cm)

Rugby | 28"x40" (71x102cm)

Fact Sheet

COLOR | No bleaching or dyes have been utilized in treating the wool for "white" patches, which span from off-white and ivory to light cream. The colored patches have undergone a meticulous dyeing process designed to minimize the use of harmful chemicals while achieving a uniform and saturated hue.

MEASUREMENT | Owing to inherent variations among individual sheep, one may observe minor disparities in wool length, softness, as well as reverse leather hardness and thickness.

HAND-CRAFT | Each rug is meticulously crafted from numerous sheepskin patches, each uniquely shaped, resulting in the presence of stitches and seams on the reverse leather surface.

HAIR SHEDDING | In contrast to synthetic rugs, where the fibers are intricately woven onto a fabric base, natural sheepskin exhibits notably reduced shedding tendencies. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that even natural sheepskin may undergo shedding when subjected to actions such as stroking, ruffling, brushing, or shaking.

Care Instructions

GENERAL CARE | Shake to remove dust and restore the fluffy appearance; Use a pet brush to smooth and straighten out the wool; Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight

CLEANING | Vacuum with no beater bar; Spot clean with a damp cloth; Use mild detergent; Lay flat to dry; Do not iron; Do not bleach; Visit a professional dry cleaner if needed

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