The Mood, inspired by life's pleasant moments, curates a collection that reflects the beauty of life in every piece. Committed to elevating interior aesthetics, our diverse range of top-tier décor and gifts showcases superior quality and cutting-edge design across all styles.

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As a proud venture under Glory Wisdom Corp, a California-based enterprise with two decades of expertise in sheepskins and leather supplies, we specialize in exquisite sheepskin rugs and throw pillows that redefine luxury. Beyond our iconic sheepskins, The Mood has expanded into an extensive array of home textiles, including faux fur, faux leather, knitted, fine prints, and embroideries.

Our mission is to unveil the beauty in everyday life by meticulously crafting high-quality home collections that blend artistry and craftsmanship. Discover The Mood, where style meets substance, and the essence of life's beauty is celebrated in every detail.