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Shearling Cushion Chair Pad / Mattress Pad

Shearling Cushion Chair Pad / Mattress Pad


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Do you know that sheepskin is breathable and regulates body temperature? Because the natural structure of the skin allows air to circulate and it wicks away excess moisture. Our shearling cushion pad is designed to add warmth and coziness to various living environments and can be used as a mattress topper, sleeping bag liner, seat pad, pet bed, meditation cushion, etc.


100% Sheepskin


Single Pelt | 31"x42" (79x107cm) approx.

Double Pelt | 31"x72" (79x183cm) approx.

Fact Sheet

COLOR | The wool undergoes an eco-friendly dyeing process for uniform color while preserving its natural attributes, allowing for minor color variations due to wool's inherent characteristics.

MEASUREMENT | Owing to inherent variations among individual sheep, one may observe minor disparities in pelt morphology, size, wool length, softness, as well as reverse leather hardness and thickness.

Care Instructions

GENERAL CARE | Shake to remove dust and restore the fluffy appearance; Use a pet brush to smooth and straighten out the wool; Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight

CLEANING | Vacuum with no beater bar; Spot clean with a damp cloth; Use mild detergent; Lay flat to dry; Do not iron; Do not bleach; Visit a professional dry cleaner if needed

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