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The Mood



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Simple and elegant, The Mood® sheepskin pelt rug in quicksilver effortlessly adds a hint of subtle color. It can be the sophisticated monochrome staple or a minimalistic accent to any sleek modern renovation.

  • WOOLMARK® certified genuine sheepskin
  • Ethically sourced by-product from New Zealand farms
  • Hand-selected for premium quality
  • Hand-trimmed to preserve natural shape
  • Processed with world-class Eco-Tan™ technology to minimize harmful chemicals and achieve sustainability
  • Recommended for indoor use


100% Sheepskin


Single | 25"x37" (63x93cm) approx.

Double | 25"x65" (63x165cm) approx.

Quarto | 40"x65"(102x165cm) approx.

Fact Sheet

COLOR | Wool has been fully dyed into a solid color. Such process has been improved to minimize harmful chemicals and to preserve the beautiful sheen and elasticity of wool. Due to the nature of wool, color results may differ.

MEASUREMENT | Due to individual differences from sheep to sheep, slight difference in pelt shape and actual size, wool length and softness, (reverse) leather hardness and thickness may occur.

HAND-CRAFT | Rugs are made of intact sheepskin pelts. The larger the size, the more stitches and seams on the (reverse) leather will be found.

HAIR SHEDDING | Comparing to man-made rugs whose fibers are woven onto a base fabric, natural sheepskin sheds much less. However, it still sheds when being stroked, ruffled, brushed or shaken.

Care Instructions

GENERAL CARE | Shake to restore the fluffy appearance; Use a pet brush to smooth and straighten out the wool; Avoid heat and direct sunlight

CLEANING | Spot clean with a damp cloth; Lay flat to dry; Visit a professional fur cleaner for deep cleaning

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